Tribolube-71 - O2 Compatible Lubricant

Tribolube-71 - O2 Compatible Lubricant

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Tribolube is one of the leading lubricants used for servicing open and closed circuit scuba diving regulators and other diving related equipment.  It has excellent lubrication qualities and is very inert.  It is a synrthetic lubricant capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures and is non-reactive with strong acids, oxygen, fuels or solvents.  

Tribolube 71 is capable of withstanding extreme pressure, is excellent for wear protection and has a long life.  Does not leave a sticky residue and has demonstrated it does not corrode aluminium or anodised aluminium.

Perfectly suitable for o-ring lubrication in scuba diving equipment, especially when oxygen (O2) cleaning and servicing.

In the package:

  • 1 x 2 ounce / 57 gram syringe.

We only recommend servicing of scuba diving equipment by suitably qualified technicians.

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