Inflator Head and Tank Tool

Inflator Head and Tank Tool

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BCD Inflator Head Tool and Tank Valve Handle Tool

Two tools in one. A simple multi-tool for expeditions and save-a-dive kits.

BCD Inflator Head Service Tool: Suitable for many brands of BC that use a standard "K" power head inflator, including Tecline, xDEEP, HOG, Hollis, OMS and more*. Comes with two sets of standard O-rings. Includes:

  • large ring with two prongs for locking ring (around the button)
  • 1/2in ring spanner for the connector post (inflator hose connector)
  • 3/8in ring spanner for the internal spool body to remove / re-attach the button.
  • NBR (rubber) O-rings enough for two (2) inflator services: 4 x 006 (75 durometer), 2 x 011, 2 x 012, 2 x 112 (90 durometer) 

Tank Valve Handle Tool: a two headed driver (notch cut out of a flat blade) for removing or tightening the handle / hand wheel / knob on scuba tank valves.


* Please note, the inflator head tool does not suit some custom design / OEM inflator heads, such as those on some models manufactuirerd by Aqualung, Cressi, Mares and ScubaPro.

Please note: only persons with suitable training / experience should disassemble and service BC inflator head units and anything to do with tank valves. If not qualified, you may decide to swap the whole inflator head unit on a BCD as an alternative or take the equipment to a qualified technician.

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