T Adapter G5/8 (DIN) Male to 2 x Female

T Adapter G5/8 (DIN) Male to 2 x Female

Product no.: T07185
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DIN 'T' Adapter


by Tecline

DIN T adapter with G5/8 DIN fittings for 232 bar (5 thread) connections. Also known as a DIN Double Adapter.

Features 1 x Male connector (on the 'T' end / with spin on connector) and 2 x Female connectors (on the 'bar'). Viton O-ring.

The DIN T adapter may be used with a transfill / cross-fill whip to slow fill two cylinders off the one compressor fill whip.

If you have DIN first stage regulators set up for technical diving, you may be able to use the adaptor to use both regulators on a single cylinder for training drills or sport diving, without having to reconfigure your hoses.

A 300 bar T adaptor is available as a special order - please e-mail us for details.

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