Tecline R2 TEC 1st Stage Swivel Turret

Tecline R2 TEC 1st Stage Swivel Turret

Product no.: T01400-1
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R2 TEC First Stage Regulator

by Tecline

The R2 REC First Stage scuba regulator is a favourite for general diving, stage tanks and sidemount divers (used in the R2 TEC regulator and sidemount sets).  The swivel turret for the LP ports enables hoses to be stored along the tank and fully extended when needed.

The regulator features a balanced diaphragm design with a 'dry chamber' to seal the working diaphragm and prevent freezing in cold conditions. This environmental protection is also preferred for diving in heavily silted water. The first stage is made from maritime brass with a high quality frosted chrome finish.

The R2 TEC first stage has:

  • 2 HP ports on either side of the 300 bar DIN fitting.
  • 4 LP ports located on a rotating / swivel turret
  • 300 bar DIN fitting

A very versatile regulator that can be used to upgrade an existing similar configuration to a twin set or sidemount set.

An optional 5th LP port / axial port may be added into the end of the turret. This make it a popular configuration for sidemount divers, where the axial port is used for a BC or dry suit hose while allowing the regulator hose ports to rotate.

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