Tecline Dumpable Weight Pockets

Tecline Dumpable Weight Pockets

Product no.: T01047-01-T01047-02
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Dumpable Weight Pockets

by Tecline

These dumpable weight pockets are designed to be threaded on the shoulder harness on a BP&W system  They are fixed in place with a serrated tri-glide that is attached.

The dumpable pockets are releasable by unclipping the plastic catch and allowing the insert to fall out freely.  

Two dumpable pockets are included in each pack, a left side pocket and a right side pocket.  The left pocket comes with an additonal D-ring to attach accessories.

Each pocket comes with a removable insert that is closed using velcro.  Each pocket insert has a holding handle for ease of carrying.  Each pocket can take up to 6lbs (3kg), so 12lb (6kg) in total.

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