SUMP Two Piece Buckle

SUMP Two Piece Buckle

Product no.: SUMP-2PBuckle
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Two Piece Buckle



This Two Piece Buckle is secure and quick to release if necessary.  It has a low profile design that makes it comfortable and also less likely to catch on anything else.

The 'base plate' has a standard three slot configuration, like most belt buckles (for 'right-hand release' connect this on the left side). The lift 'tab' is a smaller plate with two slots; thread the webbing through from behind and back out. Webbing can slide through the lift tab but is locked into place when the buckle is done up.

To lock, the smaller lift tab fits through the side notches of the large hole in the base plate and slides back to lock position, lying flat on the base plate with the lifting edge on the narrow side of the base plate. To release, lift the tab so that the back edge of the lift tab falls back through the side notches.

Made from heavy duty stainless steel, approximately 2.5mm thick, with rounded edges.


  • 1 x base plate part of the Buckle
  • 1 x lift tab part of the Buckle

Webbing used for illustration purposes only and is not included.

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