S.O.S. Tank Valve - Common config

S.O.S. Tank Valve - Common config

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Tank Valve (Common)



DIN/K tank valve in the 'common' or left-sided configuration, 232 bar working pressure with NPSM 3/4 14" thread.

These valves are used for the right side cylinder in a back mount twin set, or the left side cylinder in side mount. In these positions the regulators are closer to the diver and the hand wheel is on the outside for easier access. These are referred to as left-sided valves as the hand wheel is on the left when the valve faces you - the term 'common' means the same as a single scuba tank configuration.

These valves have an open post / tube (opposite the hand wheel) that can either be plugged (for side mount or back mounted independent twin configurations) or used with an isolation manifold (sold separately). While suitable for many side mount rigging configurations, the large post on this valve makes it ideal for a loop bungee.

The DIN insert (for use with international, K or yoke regs) is fitted and can be removed with a hex key. Valve includes the burst disc, tank neck O-ring and metal drip tube.

SAN-O-SUB are the highly respected Italian manufacturer that produces the quality tank valves used by Faber for new cylinders.  The valves are certified to EN250 standard (CE 1370).


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S.O.S. Blanking Plug - Common Valve S.O.S. Blanking Plug - Common Valve
$12.50 *
S.O.S. Isolation Manifold S.O.S. Isolation Manifold
$129.00 *
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