Tecline Ultra Light Travel BCD

Tecline Ultra Light Travel BCD

Product no.: PZT11005-13
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Ultra Light Travel BCD


By Tecline

The whole system weighs just 3.2 kg!

The Ultra Light Travel BCD consists of:

  • choice of 13kg (29lbs) or 15kg (33lbs) Donut wing with double-layer construction.
  • 3mm aluminium back plate, strong but light weight (with or without laser cut logo - please state with order).
  • DIR harness with stainless steel hardware.
  • 2 x weight pockets (hardware to fix to the backplate included).
  • 2 x trim pockets, and
  • 2 x tank bands.

The Donut 13 wing provides 13kg (28lb) lift capacity and the Donut 15 wing has a 15kg (33lb) lift capacity. Both are suitable for a cylinder size of up to 15 litres, with the smaller wing often preferred by smaller divers. The wings have an oval shape, a tough double layer construction and easy to reach dump valve.  A standard length, 40cm corrugated inflator hose is fitted and a shorter spare (33cm) is included if you want to change to a short length inflator. A LP braided inflator hose is also included.  The mono-tank stabiliser on the wing means that a metal single tank adapter is not required, saving quite a bit of weight.

The aluminium backplate is strong and light weight. A great choice for travel where weight restrictions on airlines can be an issue. It has holes for adjusting wing position and for fitting the Tecline weight pockets (and a soft back pad, sold separately)

The DIR harness is made from tough flexible 50mm webbing and includes:

  • 2x shoulder D-rings,
  • 1 x left side D-ring,
  • rubber band keepers to ensure that webbing ends are kept neat,
  • 1 x quality stainless steel buckle.
  • 50mm crotch strap with front and rear D-rings.

The harness has plenty of webbing length, able to be customised for divers of all sizes.

The BCD includes:

  • 2 x dumpable weight pockets (with attaching screws) and
  • 2 x trim pockets (able to be threaded on 2" webbing).

The dumpable weight pockets do not include inserts – the broad flap means that an insert is not required to hold the lead secure. Weight pocket Inserts (may be purchased separately) are handy for carrying lead around, but in this instance they are unnecessary. If tropical diving, and therefore only needing a small amount of lead, you may even find that the trim pockets alone hold enough weight, hence the BCD comes with these as well – take off the dumpable weight pockets and only fit the trim pockets or nothing - tailor to what you need!

The backplate and harness may also be fitted with an optional back pad (with SMB pocket) and padded shoulder straps.

The advantage of a backplate and harness system is flexibility. This backplate can be matched to a 22SE or 17SE wing and twin tanks for technical diving – allowing you to quickly swap between single and twin tank diving modes whenever you want.


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