Tank to Tank Equaliser, DIN Fittings, with SPG

Tank to Tank Equaliser, DIN Fittings, with SPG

Product no.: PZTE-02R
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Tank to Tank Equaliser, DIN Fittings.  Balance the gas in your tanks.   Great for independent twin sets.

Tank to tank equaliser, with DIN fittings, bleed valve and SPG.

Working pressure:  Up to 5000 PSi or 350 BAR

Hose Length:  1.5 meters (60")

300 Bar DIN connectors

Hose outer covering:  Heavy duty rubber.

Equalize the pressure between tanks with this tank to tank equaliser / transfill whip.

This transfill whip (tank to tank equaliser) allows you to transfer high pressure gas between two scuba cylinders in order to equalise the pressure.

The high pressure hose is 1.5 m (60") long with standard DIN fittings that connect to both 200 Bar and 300 Bar DIN valves.

A stainless steel quick-action bleed screw is positioned on a hose fitting.

The transfill whip is Nitrox-ready for up to 40% oxygen.

Two DIN-to-Yoke adapters are needed to transfer between standard K-valve tanks and these are available as an option.  Click here.


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1st Stage DIN to Yoke Adapter 1st Stage DIN to Yoke Adapter
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