Tecline Donut 22SE (50lb) BCD RED Comfort Harness

Tecline Donut 22SE (50lb) BCD RED Comfort Harness

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Donut 22 SE with Comfort Adjustable Harness and Stainless Steel Back Plate

by Tecline

The Donut 22 SE DIR Set includes the Donut 22 Special Edition (SE) wing, quality stainless steel back plate with cinch, and a comfort adjustable harness with SS hardware and accessories. This set includes the limited edition RED wing.

The Donut 22 SE wing is an award winning design that features a 22kg (49lb / 216N) lift capacity and is suitable for twin-sets of 2x10, 2x12 and 2x15 litre cylinders. The wing has a double-layer construction and a modern irregular circle shape design that provides for an easier horizontal trim and easier routing options for hoses. It also the added advantage of a higher upright position when on the surface.

The Stainless Steel back plate is made from 3mm mirror finish stainless steel and includes a cinch on the left side for quick waist band adjustment. The set also includes Velcro tabs to hold the wing and BP together when removed from the twin set of tanks.

The comfort adjustable harness is made from a tough yet flexible 50mm webbing and includes two shoulder pads, adjustable pull down straps and two shoulder D-rings, a left side D-ring for a stage, rubber band keepers to ensure that webbing ends are kept neat (not a catch hazard) and a quality stainless steel buckle. The harness has plenty of webbing length, able to be customised for divers of all sizes. The harness also includes a 50mm crotch strap with both a rear D-ring and front D-ring for connecting to a DPV.

The back plate and harness may also be fitted with optional back pad with in-built SMB pocket) and padded shoulder straps.

For flexibility this BCD can be quickly converted into a single tank BCD with a Donut 17 wing and a pair of webbing tank bands (Tecline single tank wings have a built in mono-tank stabiliser - no need for a separate STA). The Donut 22 wing (in black) is also available in a Rebreather version as a special order - please contact us for details.

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Donut 22 (50lb) Special Edition Wing - Red
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Tecline Comfort Harness - Adjustable
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Tecline SS Backplate with DIR Harness
1 piece(s)
$249.00 / 1 piece(s) *
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Product Note Price
Tank Bands, Stainless Steel for 215mm Tanks Tank Bands, Stainless Steel for 215mm Tanks
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Tecline Comfort Harness - Adjustable Tecline Comfort Harness - Adjustable
$219.00 *
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