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Thread Adapter - Converts a Regulator Hose to into a BCD Inflator Hose with QR attachment.  Saves carrying multiple hose types.

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Scuba diving BCD inflator hoses by XDeep. Smooth rubber inflator hose in a steel grey colour.  Internal braiding for strength.

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Product no.: PZM61006

Miflex Xtreme Low Pressure inflator hose / LP inflator hose, short. Typically used as a BCD hose or drysuit hose for sidemount systems.

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Scuba diving BCD inflator hoseMiflex Xtreme Low Pressure (LP) Inflator Hose - black braided in various lengths


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Low Pressure (LP) Inflator Hose, Rubber, Black - Choose Length.  Attaches to 1st stage scuba regulator and QR BCD inflator head or dry suit.

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XDEEP Complete BCD Inflator System.  Available in longer and shorter lengths to customise your system. Deep Dive Gear, Australia

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