Donut 22 Special Edition - Rebreather II

Donut 22 Special Edition - Rebreather II

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Donut 22 Special Edition Wing - Rebreather II

by Tecline

The Donut 22 Special Edition Rebreather II wing is a 22kg (50lb) lift wing specifically designed for CCR diving.


"As an Instructor Trainer, scientific diver and Explorer quality, well-made reliable equipment is quite simply 'life support'."

"I have worked with Tecline over the last few years, teaching CCR classes for their customers, presenting on product at dive shows and consulting on Tecline product and when offered the opportunity to work with Tecline in the design of a CCR specific wing/BC was excited at the prospect. Through various prototype phases of development and design we arrived at the Tecline Donut 22 SE."

"The aim was to make a tough, functional, reliable and long lasting product that specifically met the needs of the Technical CCR Diver. Many CCR have a lot of weight in the lower section with 1st stages and cylinder valves in this position and are buoyant in the upper section due to the counter-lung/lungs. The Donut 22 SE was designed to offer a larger buoyancy chamber at the base and smaller at the top to specifically meet the trim requirements of CCR Diving. The fitting of the inflate mechanism and dump to rubber plates add strength and longevity to the design and, as with all Tecline product I have personally used to date, build quality and materials are exceptional."


The 'Special Edition RB' features an open centre to improve routing of rebreather hoses for better streamlining and to simplify mounting of the CCR unit to the backplate. The inflator is also positioned to the outside of chest mounted counterlungs. A second corrugated hose (included) gives you a choice of inflator hose lengths (and position). The Tecline Donut 22 SE RB is ideally suited to the Tecline stainless steel and aluminiun backplates.

Like all Donut 22 Special Edition wings, the RB wing features a double layer construction with an extremely durable and flexible outer shell made from non-fading Heavy Duty 1000D Nylon. The inner bladder is made ​​from Nylon 840 for increased resistance to aging and cracking, and is accessible via a heavy duty YKK zip.

The Tecline Donut 22 SE RB comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty for the bladder and valves (for the first owner). Certified to EN1809, CE:1463.

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