Tecline SPG, Oxygen (O2), 52mm diameter

Tecline SPG, Oxygen (O2), 52mm diameter

Product no.: PZT10010
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Tecline Pressure Gauge (SPG), Oxygen (O2)

by Tecline

Tecline O2 SPG with HP hose, green protective boot and 15cm HP hose.


  • 100% O2 clean
  • Clear easy-to-read numerals, up to 300 bar on face
  • White face, which is also luminescent for use in the dark
  • 52mm (2") gauge diameter face, 58mm (across boot) & 30mm (1.5") thick (with boot)
  • Green protective rubber boot
  • 15cm HP rubber hose, with HP swivel
  • Tempered glass

Made in Italy.  

Certification: EN250 CE0426. 

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