D Ring on Tri-Glide - 45 degrees

D Ring on Tri-Glide - 45 degrees

Product no.: PZT06010
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Large D-ring on tri-glide, fixed at and angle of 45 degrees.  Stainless steel.  Connects on to harness webbing.

D-ring on tri-glide. 

A large stainless steel D-ring welded to tri-glide at 45 degrees to ensure that it always stands clear of webbing and is easy to access and connect items to.  

This is used as a shoulder D-ring instead of a bent D-ring, but it is useful in any location where a D-ring needs to stand clear of webbing.

Use it in difficult to reach / see places, such as the lower connection for sling tanks.

The tri-glide threads onto 50mm (2 inch) webbing.

D-ring 50mm high.

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