D-Rings for making an Adjustable Harness

D-Rings for making an Adjustable Harness

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D-Rings for making an Adjustable Harness


by Tecline

Do you want to convert a DIR harness (simple webbing harness) into an adjustable harness for ease of donning and doffing?

This D-ring and loop allows you to do just that.


  • Cut your webbing at the desired length (be vary careful to allow enough threading length to the top section of the harness to allow it to be secured with a tri-glide!).
  • Burn ends with a match or lighter to stop them fraying.
  • Pass the top section of the shoulder strap through both the D-ring and loop, and secure with a tri-glide.
  • The lower section of the shoulder strap is passed through the bars of the D-ring and loop (see picture).
  • Attach another D-ring to the lower part of the harness (with a tri-glide or stitching) for something to pull down (additional D-rings are not included).
  • Lift the adjustable D-ring to loosen, pull down on the lower shoulder strap (or the additional D-ring) to tighten. Adjustable just like a jacket BCD but with greater strength!


  • 2 x D-rings, to make an adjustable harness (sold as a pair).

Webbing is for illustration purposes only, not included.

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