Product no.: PZT01090

SS Bolt with Delrin Nut (Long) - 15mm.  A Stainless Steel bolt with a Delrin nut.  Used to secure items to a backplate.

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XDeep Aluminium Backplate in a range of colours to individualise your technical diving BCD.

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Product no.: HA-004-0

XDeep BackplateStainless Steel.  Quality, precision manufactured backplates for technical diving and commercial diving.

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Product no.: HS-003-0

XDeep simple Harness and Stainless Steel Backplate System.  Add a wing to create your own technical diving system. Deep Dive Gear, Australia

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Product no.: BPB-01

Stainless Steel Backplate and Harness System - attach a wing (& possibly a STA) for recreational diving or technical scuba diving.

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Sea Divers Aluminium Backplate and Harness - Black or Silver.  Add a wing & possibly a STA for recreational sport diving or technical diving.

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Product no.: PZHA-017-0

XDEEP Butt Plate.  Attaches to the lower node of the Stealth Sidemount System to secure steel scuba tanks, stage tanks and accessories.

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Product no.: PZHA-022-1

XDeep Expandable Sidemount and Technical Diving Equipment Pouch. Great for storing and securing all kinds of diving accessories.

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Product no.: PZHA-022-2

XDeep Sidemount and Technical Diving Pouch - great for carrying your cave diving and technical diving accessories.

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