Tecline QR Weight Pockets

Tecline QR Weight Pockets

Product no.: PZT010451-1-T01045-2
$179.00 / pair(s)
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QR Weight Pockets

by Tecline

These Quick Release (QRweight pockets are made in pairs with left and right pockets and inserts. Pulling the handle directly out will allow the buckle to release while the inserts are also held in place by Velcro, so a reasonable and deliberate effort is required to release the weights - they will come out quickly with force but won't come out by accident.

Each pocket insert is designed to hold 4kg (almost 9lbs) of lead. The left pocket has a stainless steel D-ring for connecting a stage, Argon cylinder or SPG. 

To secure the weight pockets, the harness waist band is threaded through webbing loops on the inner side of each pocket and the rear base of each pocket is then fixed to the backplate using BC wing bolts. Standard BC bolts (10mm) are supplied with each set of weight pockets.  If a back pad is also fitted to the back plate then longer (15mm) screws / BC bolts will be required for each pocket (e.g. 2 x SS screw long with delrin┬« nut).

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