Scuba Regulator Servicing Tool Kit

Scuba Regulator Servicing Tool Kit

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Dive Equipment Servicing Tool Kit

Deluxe tool kit for servicing scuba regulators and tank valves.

This regulator servicing tool kit contains a number of essential tools for day-to-day fixes through to servicing of equipment, all contained in a convenient organiser. Perfect for workshops and yet compact enough for taking on dive expeditions.

Tools included:

1.  1 x cross head screwdriver

2.  1 x flat head screwdriver

3.  1 x Cup tool

4.  1 x Spanner wrench (3/4"-2")

5.  1 x Handle Bar (for first stage, with HP & LP port threads)

6.  1 x Two Head Driver for the hand wheel on a Tank Valve

7.  1 x Standard in-line second stage regulator adjusting tool

8.  1 x Swivel regulator adjusting tool

9.  1 x Poppet tool 3 head

10. 1 x Poppet tool 4 head

11. 1 x DT-203 multi-tool (14 in one)

12. 2 x "S" shape thin wrenches

13. 3 x O-ring tools (picks)

14. 1 x Silicone grease

15. O-rings:

  • 10 x AS568-010
  • 10 x AS568-011
  • 5 x AS568-012
  • 10 x AS568-014
  • 5 x AS568-015
  • 10 x AS568-112

Please look and compare tool kits carefully - not all tools kits are the same. This is the most comprehensive kit that we could find for a great price.

Of course, we recommend that all regulator servicings be conducted by a suitably qualified technician. 

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