Miflex LP Xtreme Inflator Hoses, Braided Black, 20cm

Miflex LP Xtreme Inflator Hoses, Braided Black, 20cm

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Miflex Low Pressure (LP) Inflator Hose, Short


Miflex Xtreme Low Pressure (LP) Inflator Hose, only 20cm (8") (length includes fittings). Typically used as a short dry suit hose for sidemount systems, or for a sidemount BCD with an across-the-chest inflator (for a smaller diver).

Colour: Black

Standard fittings:

  • Male 3/8” UNF (Unified Screw Thread - Fine) attaches to a low pressure port in the first stage regulator
  •  Female 9/16” UNF quick release coupling attaches to standard power inflator male QD post

The Miflex Xtreme hoses offer performance and durability in extreme situations. Extremely light and flexible, great for travel.

Tie the Xtreme hose into a tight knot and the flow of air remains continuous through the hose. Now that’s versatility!

The Xtreme also achieves a higher burst pressure – more than double when compared to most traditional rubber hoses.

Xtreme hoses feature an external nylon safety braiding designed to resist the snags and abrasions that divers often encounter.

In the event of a physical breach, Xtreme hoses actually work to reduce the amount of air lost. How? The advance Xtreme nylon safety braiding actively shrinks under pressure, reducing the rate of air loss and buying valuable time.


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LP Hose Release Flange (Easy Connect) LP Hose Release Flange (Easy Connect)
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