Mouth Piece, ergonomic - Comfort Bite

Mouth Piece, ergonomic - Comfort Bite

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Erognomic Mouth Piece - Comfort Bite for Regulators

by Tecline

Ergonomic, comfort bite black silicon mouth piece with an upper palate rest.  The palate rest in this design sits against roof of the mouth behind the upper teeth - the shape alone is generally enough to hold the mouth piece in place without fully closing the lower jaw.


  • Black silicon.
  • Ergonomic, comfort bite design with palate rest.
  • Flexible.
  • Comfortable.

Easily attaches with a cable tie.

This mouth piece is a favourite amongst divers world wide as one of the most comfortable available.  Reduces jaw fatigue and is comfortable for long or strenuous dives.  Standard size openning attaches to most second stage scuba regulators.


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