Cinch Adapter for Tecline Backplate

Cinch Adapter for Tecline Backplate

Product no.: PZ35015
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Cinch Adapter for Tecline Backplates

by Tecline

Cinch Adapter makes adjusting your harness webbing easy. Tecline backplates have drill holes positioned near the lower waist band slots to allow the cinch adapters to be fitted. Some Tecline backplates / buoyancy compensators will include a cinch adapter fitted to the left side, to allow adjustment - check the details when you order those items. These stainless steel cinch adapters can be fitted to the right side or fitted to backplates without a cinch adapter (appropriate holes are also drilled in Tecline's Aluminium backplates).

Includes attaching hardware: 2 x 4mm hex bolts, 2 x 10mm nuts.

Distance between hole centres: 78mm.

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