Tecline R5 TEC 2nd Stage Regulator

Tecline R5 TEC 2nd Stage Regulator

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The R5 TEC second stage scuba regulator from Tecline is a balanced regulator offering the level of performance that you should demand from a world-class regulator. Overall the R5 TEC offers excellent quality and value.


  • ‚Äčbreathing resistance adjustment
  • venturi flow adjustment 
  • breathing resistance range of 0.983 / 1.004 J/L - reduces breathing effort and improves air consumption
  • heat exchanger to improve operation in cold water (reduced the risk of icing)
  • comfy-bite mouth piece to reduce jaw fatigue
  • suitable for use with Nitrox blends up to EAN40 out of the box

Tecline R5 TEC regulators are tested and CE certified to the requirements of EN 250. They have undergone extensive trials in punishing environments from icy cold Polish lakes and caves to (not so punishing) tropical waters. After assembly and tuning, all regulators are tested by two independent technicians to ensure that they meet Tecline's exacting standards for performance and quality.

A 10 year warranty is provided by Tecline / SCUBATECH for the first owner, ensuring that the products are free from production and material defects. This warranty is subject to correct care and operation, and annual servicing performed by an authorised service centre (service centres for other major brands may qualify). Details are included in the booklet provided with the regulators.


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