Product no.: PZ11002-01

R1 PRO Scuba Regulator by Tecline. Simple, proven and reliable diving regulators, ready to go.

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Product no.: PPG-03

Sea Divers Pony Gauge / pony SPG. Screws directly into first stage regulator for pony bottles / stage cylinders.

Was $39.00
$30.00 *
Product no.: T10120-1/18091-1

SPG Mini Combo 400 Bar by Scubatech, includes a 400 bar SPG, HP hose and protective cover.

$129.00 *
Product no.: 12005

R3 TEC Octopus / Alternate Air Source Regulator by Scubatech. These diving regulators offer good relaible performance - perfect as a backup.

$119.00 *
Product no.: PZ85012-1

Tecline Regulator Bag, Round. Protect your scuba regulators with this padded regulator bag with handle and shoulder strap.

$50.00 *