Tecline R1 PRO Regulator

Tecline R1 PRO Regulator

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R1 PRO Regulators

by ScubatechTecline

The R1 PRO Regulator  is a very reliable first stage piston regulator and downstream demand valve second stage regulator.

The R1 PRO first stage regulator is piston construction with open chamber, fulfilling the demands of the EN:250 standard for cold water regulators. The regulator has 4 x LP ports and 1 x HP ports. It is made from marine bronze with smooth chrome finish.

The R1 PRO second stage regulator is also a reliable regulator, without pressure or Venturi flow adjustments. The second stage is also surprisingly light weight.

The R1 PRO is robust, economical, and ready to use, and includes:

  • R1 PRO first stage
  • R1 PRO second stage
  • Rubber Hose black ~ 70cm
  • Nylon pull-cord bag

A 10 year warranty is provided by SCUBATECH for the first owner, ensuring that the products are free from production and material defects.  This warranty is subject to the correct care, operation and servicing performed at least annually by an authorised SCUBATECH service centre.  Scubatech / Tecline regulators are fully supported in Australia.

Please note: the DIN screw is black - not grey as shown in one of the pictures.


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