Personal Filter

Personal Filter

Product no.: PZ10000
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Personal Filter

Double filter your air with a Personal Filter to ensure purity when filling 'O2 clean' scuba cylinders (and any other cylinders / tanks). Great for filling Nitrox and other mixed gas cylinders when topping up with air or for filling with air when the cylinder is not being used for mixed gases. Avoid moisture build-up and contamination in your tank.

Product features:

  • 232 Bar DIN inlet and outlet
  • the unit is re-packable with replacement charcoal and molecular sieve
  • Service kit available (Click here for service kit information)
  • Use for approximately 100 hours (depending on the flow rate and the level of humidity in the air)

Perfect for use with Nitrox tanks as it has all Viton o-rings.  The service kit also includes replacement Viton o-rings.


Product Note Price
Service Kit for Personal Filter Service Kit for Personal Filter
$33.00 *
Activated Charcoal - 300g Activated Charcoal - 300g
$35.00 *
Molecular Sieve - 700 Grams Molecular Sieve - 700 Grams
$55.00 *
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