Save-A-Dive O-Ring Kit - Viton (FKM)

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Save-A-Dive O-Ring Kit - Viton

A selection of the most commonly used O-rings for scuba diving equipment. Don't miss a dive for for the sake of an O-ring, have the spare O-rings that you need for your scuba equipment in your save-a-dive kit.

Kit includes 12 x Viton O-rings in the following (BS1806:1989 / AS568C) standard sizes:

  • 2 x 003 (HP swivel)
  • 2 x 010 (LP reg hose internal - 2nd stage end)
  • 2 x 011 (LP port plug / hose)
  • 2 x 012 (HP port plug / hose)
  • 2 x 014 (K-valve)
  • 2 x 112 (standard DIN valve / regulator / insert)

Note: O-rings should only be replaced by a person who is suitably qualified. Always use soft tools (eg, brass O-ring picks) to remove damaged O-rings as hard steel picks can damage the smooth chrome finish and marine brass used in the manufacture of regulators and other scuba equipment.

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