Divers Line Cutter

Divers Line Cutter

Product no.: LC-01B-BK
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Line Cutter

line cutter safe, simple and effective way to cut fishing line or nets in the event of entanglement, or for any other reason to cut line underwater.  Simply drag the hook end of the cutter over the line and the concealed blade slices the line, usually easier than using the open blade of a knife.

Line Cutter:

-     Colour:  Black

-     200mm (8") long.

-     wide blade area.

-     has an easy hold handle with finger indentations - easy to hold and grip even with gloves.

-     comes with 2 replacement blades.


-      Velcro holds the flap closed.

-      a pull tab at the front for easy opening, even with thick gloves.

-      two thread areas at the back - one for 50mm (2") webbing for waist bands and another 90mm (3.5") for attaching to a tank, etc.

-      a plastic 1/2 ring at the bottom for clipping other items (40mm (1.5") x 30mm (1.2"))


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Spool, 33m (100ft) with Bolt Snap - 3 Colours Spool, 33m (100ft) with Bolt Snap - 3 Colours
From $15.00 *
Spool, 45m (150ft) with Bolt Snap - 3 Colours Spool, 45m (150ft) with Bolt Snap - 3 Colours
From $16.00 *
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