XDEEP Sidemount Sliding D-Ring – Rubber

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XDeep Sliding D-Ring for Stealth Sidemount System - Heavy Duty Rubber

This sliding D-ring (actually a large O-ring) for the Stealth 2.0 harness helps you adjust the position of the tank relative to your body.  Moving the ring along the waist band webbing allows you to easily adjust the trim of aluminium tanks as the bottom of the tank becomes buoyant.   It's also useful as a light-weight alternative to a D-ring and tri-glide, for attaching accessories.

The O-ring has approximately 5cm diameter and works best on its own when used on fairly stiff webbing such as the waist band, however it can also be used with a tri-glide to prevent the O-ring from sliding along the webbing.

O-ring is 50mm wide diameter and made of thick, very heavy duty rubber.

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