XDeep Backplate, Aluminium

XDeep Backplate, Aluminium

Product no.: HA-003-0
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Aluminium Backplate

by XDeep

Aluminium 6061.

XDeep backplates are solid, well designed and precision manufactured to meet the high standards expected for commercial diving and technical diving, as used in the Hydros technical diving BCD. Even though backplates may appear simple, one look and you will see that this is a very high quality product.

Comfort and durability.  The angles for the slots in the xDeep backplates are positioned to ensure maximum comfort while at the same time ensuring the stability of the mounted cylinders.  With the optimal angle of slots, the total surface of the webbing is used, which definitely prolongs its lifetime.

More slots and holes.  The back plate includes of slots and holes which enables you to mount any element of the diving gear.  Mounting an argon cylinder or a buoy does not pose any problem.

Bevelled edges - no risk of gear damage.  All edges of the xDeep back plates are bevelled with a special digitally controlled machine which precisely cuts the edges at an angle of 45 degrees.   It is an expensive process but in contrast with the commonly applied trimming method, it better protects the equipment and webbing against abrasion.

Weight - 990 grams  Thickness - 3mm.


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