NX Series Project Wing Only

NX Series Project Wing Only

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NX Series Project Twin Tank Wing

by XDeep

The NX Series Project twin tank wing featrures numerous advantages for enhancing all you technical diving experiences:  more precise buoyancy control, reducing any entanglement hazard, and significantly reduce drag. Reduced drag results in better streamlining and, usually, improves air consumption to enable longer, safer, dives.

The buoyancy of the NX Series Project wing is approximately 23kg (or 52lbs) and suitable for twin tanks up to 2 x 18L.

How is this possible? Traditional wings have a large central 'dead zone'. No bladder, just fabric. By using this space more effectively, XDeep reduced the dead zone considerably, reducing the overall wing size, but maintaining volume while also maintaining excellent buoyancy characteristics.


The outer shell of the Zen BC wing is made of highly durable Cordura® 1100 dTEX, produced in Germany.  The inner bladder is made from Nylon 440 dTEX. This double-layered construction improves safety if the wing is likely to encounter abrasive or sharp surfaces - no one need convincing about the benefits of a very durable outer shell for wreck diving.


The NX Project BC wing also features the revolutionary NX Series central inflator hose connector that joins at the top of the wing (also featured on the NX ZEN and Ghost). This design enables a narrower top section, which improves both trim and the upright surface position while enabling even inflation and much better (more complete) air release than traditional designs. Welded, instead of being screwed on, the junction also reduces failure points.

Anti-bacterial coating

The NX Project wing also features an anti-bacterial coating. Moisture inside a wing can allow bacteria to grow, and sinus trouble can stop you from diving for many weeks. To reduce that risk, the inner bladder is coated with an antibiotic agent to prevent the growth of bacteria.

As part of a system

The NX Project wing is available separately, primarily for divers using the NX Project BC system to be able them to swap from a double to a single tank configuration and still benefit from the features of an NX series wing. However, with standard 11" (28 cm) bolt holes, it can be fitted to almost any back plate.

Wing includes:

  • NX Project wing
  • Full power inflator 
  • LP inflator hose

Find out more about the revolutionary Project wing design at the XDEEP (Europe) website.


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