R5 TEC Sport Diver Set

R5 TEC Sport Diver Set

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The R5 TEC Sport Diver Set from Tecline are high specification regulators in a sport diver package, featuring the R5 TEC first stage, R5 TEC second stage and R3 TEC octopus.  These regulators have excellent specifications with both balanced first and a second stages, and proven performance in both laboratory testing and real world diving conditions.

This sport diver set comes with a free Tecline regulator bag!

The first stage features a balanced diaphragm design with a dry chamber for cold water diving. The regulator has 2 HP ports and 4 LP ports and is designed so that the ports angle HP hoses downward and LP ports angle hoses slightly upwards, ideal for regulators and BCD inflators coming over the shoulder. The first stage is made from maritime brass with a stunning black finish.

The R5 TEC primary second stage regulator is a pneumatically balanced downstream regulator with both Venturi and breathing resistance adjustments. The second stage has a breathing resistance in the range of 0.983 - 1.004 J/L, which reduces breathing effort and helps minimise air consumption. This is a level of performance that you'd expect from a world-class quality regulator and one that exceeds many sport diving regulators.

The Sport Diver Set includes a yellow R3 TEC octopus / alternate air source on a 90cm yellow hose. This is a reliable demand regulator with good performance characteristics but without breathing resistance and Venturi adjustments. It is a more simple, reliable and economical second stage, perfect s an octopus.

The R5 Tec Sport Diver Set offers excellent levels of performance for sport diving regulators, and quality at an affordable price.


The R5 TEC Sport Diver Regulator Set includes:

  • R5 TEC balanced first stage with cold kit
  • R5 TEC pneumatically balanced second stage on 70cm black Proflex hose
  • R3 octopus demand valve second stage on 90cm yellow Proflex hose
  • Tecline regulator bag.

A 10 year warranty is provided by Tecline / SCUBATECH for the first owner, ensuring that the products are free from production and material defects. This warranty is subject to the correct care, operation and servicing performed at least annually by an authorised Tecline / SCUBATECH service centre.  Scubatech / Tecline regulators are fully supported in Australia.


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