Gift Coupon - by Deep Dive Gear

Gift Coupon - by Deep Dive Gear

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Gift Coupon

by Deep Dive Gear

Having trouble deciding on the perfect scuba diving gift?  

You want to give a gift to a person who loves scuba diving, but you really don't know what equipment they need or want?

Give them a Deep Dive Gear Gift Coupon (Voucher)!  deep_dive_logo

What to do:

1.  Select an amount from the drop down list.

If the amount you want to purchase isn't there, you can order multiple values to create a different amount.  For example -  $40 isn't there, so order 2 x $20 coupons.

If you do this, please let us know.  Comments can be made when checking out in the 'Check and Order' tab (which is the very last part of the purchasing process), 'Order and delivery comments' box at the bottom of the page just prior to finalising your order.  For example, if you would like 2 coupons at $20 each instead of the 1 coupon for $40, please state this (otherwise the default value of a Gift Coupon will be the total dollar value unless specific instructions are provided in the 'Order and delivery comments' box).  

2.  Message

If you would like to include a message, you can!

Include in the 'Order and delivery comments' box your message and any other information you need us to know.

What happens next?

The Gift Coupon can be e-mailed to the person making the order or to the recipient (please provide details of the recipient in the comments box as applicable).


Please be aware that it can take up to 2 business days for us to e-mail out the gift coupon.

More information.

The value of all Gift Coupons can only be used for the value of products NOT for any delivery cost associated with the purchase.  Products purchased with a value over $250 are still entitled to free standard delivery.

Gift Coupons are valid for 2 years!

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