O-Rings, Lubricants & Parts

O-Rings, Lubricants & Parts

O-Rings, Lubricants & Parts


We have  O-rings in both standard rubber (NBR) and Viton (FKM).   We also have field maintenance parts.

O-rings come in various sizes and durometers (hardness) for different applications.  The following table identifies the most common sizes and their use.


 Size  General Application
 003  HP swivel / air spool
 006  BCD inflator head
 010  LP hose internal O-ring - 2nd stage reg end
 011  LP port plug / LP hose - 1st stage reg end
 012  HP port plug / HP hose - 1st stage reg end
 014  Tank K-valve / insert
 111  Small DIN regulator / valve (less common)
 112  Fits most DIN regulators to valve (check the    size you need before ordering) 
 214  Cylinder / tank neck valve seal (3/4 NPSM)


Note:  These above table is considered 'standard' sizes for the majority of regulators and hoses.  However, because there is such a wide variety of manufacturers and regulators, this table must be considered as a guide only.  

We only recommend servicing of ANY scuba diving equipment by a suitably trained and qualified equipment technician and all maintenance / servicing must be done in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and with OEM service kits and parts.  Other parts may not be fit for purpose and degrade performance of the equipment.

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