Single Regulators and Sets

Single Regulators and Sets

Single Regulators and Sets

The Tecline range of scuba regulators allows you to chose the perfect configuration for recreational / single tank / sport diving which the same quality and performance as technical divers.

Tecline / ScubaTech have been providing quality dive equipment in Europe for over 20 years. All regulators are CE certified, have a 10 year manufacturer's warranty (subject to conditions) and servicing in Australia is no problem.

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Tecline V2 ICE Mono Semi Tec Set

Product no.: PZ10010-1

$1,029.00 *

Tecline R1 PRO Reg Set

Product no.: PZ10001-1

$469.00 *

Tecline R5 TEC Regulator

Product no.: PZ10007

$549.00 *

Tecline R2 ICE Regulator

Product no.: 10003

$369.00 *

Tecline R2 TEC Regulator

Product no.: PZ10005

$469.00 *

Tecline R1 PRO Regulator

Product no.: PZ10001

$249.00 *

Tecline R5 ICE Special Sport Diver Reg Set

Product no.: PZ10004-7

$699.00 *
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