Regulator Hoses (LP)

Regulator Hoses (LP)

Choose from a range of rubber and braided regulator hoses (Miflex and Proflex).  Hoses come in various lengths - from short hoses for stage tanks through to long hoses for tec diving - choose a length that's right for you.


Male 3/8” UNF (Unified Screw Thread - Fine) to fit the Low Pressure (LP) port of a first stage regulator.  Female 9/16” UNF as the standard connection for second stage regulators.  An adapter is required for some older 1/2" style LP ports in first stage regulators.


Traditional style regulator hoses feature an internal braid and a smooth rubber skin.  Working pressure for these hoses vary, so please refer to details for each product.


Proflex LP hoses are strong and durable with a fine external double nylon braid with exceptional resistance to UV. Proflex hoses are about 30% lighter than traditional rubber hoses, very flexible and Nitrox ready for up to 40% O2.  Working pressure up to 30 bar (441 PSI).


Miflex 2 range LP regulator hoses feature an external nylon braiding designed to resist snags and abrasions and UV rays. Miflex 2 hoses are 30% lighter than traditional rubber hoses, well known for their flexability, and Nitrox ready for up to 40% O2.  Working pressure up to 35 bar (approximately 510 psi).

Note that 'LP' is normally in the range of 9 - 10 bar, so all our hoses exceed this amount by a considerable margin.