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First stage scuba regulators by Tecline. Looking to expand a single tank set into a twin set, replace and old reg or build a custom reg set? Then get a quality first stage by Tecline.

The individual models shown below are in stock. If the configuration you are looking for is not shown, please contact us.

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V2 ICE First Stage Regulator Set

Product no.: T01460-1

$849.00 *

V1 ICE First Stage Regulator

Product no.: T01450-1

$449.00 *

Tecline R2 TEC 1st Stage Swivel Turret

Product no.: T01400-1

$299.00 *

Tecline V2 ICE MONO (DIN) 1st Stage

Product no.: PZ10060

$395.00 *

Tecline R1 PRO Regulator (Yoke) - 1st Stage Only

Product no.: PZ11002-01

$199.00 *

Tecline R1 PRO O2 Regulator (DIN) - 1st Stage Only

Product no.: PZ11002-1

$275.00 *
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