First Stages

First Stages

Tecline first stage scuba regulators only. Looking to expand your single tank set into a twin set or just replace and old reg? Get a quality Tecline first stage.

The models shown below are in stock.  If the configuration you are looking for is not shown below, please contact us for a special order.

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Tecline V2 ICE MONO 1st Stage

Product no.: PZ10060

$369.00 *

Tecline R2 ICE / TEC 1st Stage Swivel Turrett

Product no.: PZ11003-2

$279.00 *

Tecline R1 PRO Regulator - 1st Stage Only

Product no.: PZ11002

$159.00 *

Tecline R1 PRO O2 Regulator - 1st Stage Only

Product no.: PZ11002-1

$199.00 *
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