Gauges - SPGs

Gauges - SPGs

Choose from our range of high quality submersible pressure gauges (SPGs).  All of our Scubatech and Tecline gauges are made in Italy to CE standards for quality and accuracy.  Choose from 52mm or 63mm diameter standard gauges, some with different finishes, either black/chrome or nickel/chrome finish.  We also have 52mm slimline gauges and a popular pony bottle gauge ready to screw directly into a regulator HP port.  All gauges feature a luminescent face.

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Scubatech SPG - Slimline Mini, with HP Swivel

Product no.: PZ18092

$75.00 *

SPG, 52mm with HP Swivel - Nickel Body

Product no.: PZ10030-18096-2

$89.00 *

SPG, 52mm with HP Swivel - Chrome Body

Product no.: PZT10020-18096-1

$99.00 *

Tecline SPG, 63mm with HP Swivel

Product no.: T10050

$99.00 *

SPG 52mm with Boot and HP Hose

Product no.: PZT10110-1

$129.00 *

SPG, 63mm in Boot with Hose

Product no.: PZ18091

$139.00 *

Pony Gauge

Product no.: PPG-03

$30.00 *
Was $39.00

SPG Protective Boot 52mm

Product no.: PZ18371-1

$12.95 *

SPG Protective Boot 63 mm

Product no.: PZ18371

$14.95 *

HP Swivel with Standard O-Rings

Product no.: PZSpool-01

$6.60 *
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