Black BT to EANx (Nitrox) Upgrade

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Black BT to EANx (Nitrox) Upgrade

Product no.: PZUP-001-0
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Genz Black EANx software upgrade for the Black BT.

With this software upgrade you can change your Genz / XDeep Black BT (bottom timer) to the full capability of the Black EANx Advanced Nitrox Dive Computer.

This product is a software key that allows you to dowload the Black software (firmware) from the Genz website and then upgrade your device.  As the Black BT is no longer in production we will source your upgrade code from Genz, this process may take a couple of days.

Once you register with (if you haven't already), the upgrade is performed in a simple process, similar to installing version updates for your Black BT.  Refer to the Black EANx user manual pages 76, 77 for upgrade / update instructions (note that the manual refers to the previous XDeep support website instead of the Genz website).

Once upgraded you will also be able to install future version updates for the Black EANx software for free.

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