Genz / XDEEP Black

Genz / XDEEP Black

The Genz Black Dive Computer – the one device that grows with your needs.

The Black EANx is a nitrox dive computer with bottom timer, air, nitrox and advanced nitrox modes. The Black TMX (purchased directly or as a simple software upgrade to the EANx) includes all the features of the Black EANx plus it can be used with up to 10 different Trimix gases.  Get the dive computer you want now with the ability to upgrade later!

Note: The Black BT is no longer available but software upgrades, from BT to EANx, are still available.

Note: the Genz company was formed with the goal of further developing the Black.  Warranty and customer support for existing XDeep BLACK users will continue uninteruppted.

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Black BT to EANx (Nitrox) Upgrade

Product no.: PZUP-001-0

$275.00 *

Black EANx to TMX (Trimix) Upgrade

Product no.: PZUP-002-0

$295.00 *
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