Compass, Deep Body, Bungee Mount

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Compass, Deep Body, Bungee Mount

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X7 Dive Compass, with bungee mount  

Navigate underwater with this dive compass. Not all compasses are made equal. Some are quite flat in the body, making it difficult for the compass card to rotate freely. The X7 compass by Tecline is a quality compass with a deep body, which allows the compass card to rotate freely, and at greater angles, while you are diving. No need to stop to let the compass 'settle'.


  • Deep body allows for free moving compass card (on angles up to approximately 30 degrees).
  • Rotating bezel rotates 360 degrees with red (lubber) direction line and guide arrows.
  • Large numbers on the bezel for easy top reading (5 degree marks and 30 degree number intervals).
  • Side viewing window (for reading the numbers on the compass card).
  • 3mm elastic bungee to attach around the wrist - easy to store in pocket when not required.

A must have accessory for all forms of recreational and technical diving.

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