XDEEP Tune Up Tool

XDEEP Tune Up Tool


Stand out from the crowd and make your dive gear show some character!
Use the XDEEP TUNE UP Tool to design a personalised BCD, custom made for you by XDEEP.


To get started, go to the TUNE UP tool and click start. Create a login account using your e-mail address, enter ┬┤Australia┬┤ as the country, and read the conditions (important) before agreeing to them.

Find the type of BCD that you want from the recreational, technical or sidemount range, choose a base colour and start to customise. Depending on the BCD, you can change the colour of the wing, edging, pads and aluminium back plates. Accessories can also be added. Note that the express delivery option prioritises production of your BCD, but not freight.

When you reach the end of the customisation pages, a preview and summary list will be shown (note that a price shown, in euros, which does not include international freight).


Click confirm and you will be taken to the finish page, where two things will happen:

  • An e-mail will be sent to you with your unique configuration code. If you're not ready to buy, you can log in again later using this code and make changes.
  • If you are ready to buy, click: download the order form in PDF format.

Contact us by e-mail ( and attach your order form in PDF.

We will then quote you a price in Australian dollars that includes international freight, duties and GST. As exchange rates change, the quote will only be valid for a few days.

When ready to purchase your new BCD, SIGN THE FORM, send it to us and we will send you an invoice for payment.  Advance payment is required for all custom-made BCDs. Note XDEEP's conditions that once an order is placed it CANNOT be changed, exchanged or refunded (warranty against defects still applies).

Typically, XDEEP will e-mail you within five days to confirm that your order has commenced. Once completed, your BCD will be shipped to Australia and we will ship it to you at no extra charge (allow around 10 weeks from order to delivery).

GO DIVING with your awesome new XDEEP BCD, post a photo on social media and let us know how you like it!