Select a wing to upgrade or build your own buoyancy compensator. Choose a wing with advanced design features to offer you a better trim position, a better upright position on the surface, and better hose routing options when compared to more traditional designs.  All wings are made from tough long-lasting materials, CE certified and have manufacturer's warranties.

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NX Series Zen Wing

Product no.: BC-ZEN-0

$495.00 *

XDeep Hydros Wing - 40lbs or 50lbs

From $359.00 *
Was $459.00

Tecline Single Tank Wing, 21kg (46lbs)

Product no.: PZT11080

$469.00 *

Donut 22 (50lb) Special Edition Wing - Red

Product no.: PZT11021-0

$525.00 *

Donut 22 Special Edition - Rebreather II

Product no.: PZT11021-2

$595.00 *

NX Series Project Wing Only

Product no.: BC-01-0

$495.00 *
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