Accessories and spare parts specifically for putting together your BCD. If you can't find exactly what you want, see also BCD hardware, general scuba diving accessories and tools.

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Over Pressure Relief Valve (OPRV), Full Kit

Product no.: PZT11100-2

$25.00 *

Tecline Weight Pocket Insert

Product no.: PZT01042-3

$29.00 *

Tank Cam Band - Heavy Duty Plastic Buckle

Product no.: PZTB-01

$29.00 *

Corrugated Hose for Inflator - Oval

Product no.: PZT01135

$36.95 *

XDeep Tank Band (Plastic Buckle)

Product no.: AC-006-0

$39.00 *
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Tecline Tank Cam Band - Delrin Buckle

Product no.: PZT01080

$39.00 *

Inflator Head for BCD Inflation Hose

Product no.: PZT11120-B

$40.00 *

Tank Cam Band - S/S Buckle

Product no.: PZTB-02

$39.00 *
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Tecline Trim Pockets

Product no.: PZT01020

$45.00 / pair(s) *
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Tecline Tank Cam Band - SS Buckle

Product no.: PZT01081

$49.00 *

Tecline Soft Pad 'H' Backplate

Product no.: PZT01142

$55.00 *

XDeep 3D Mesh Back Pad Only

Product no.: PZHA-019-0

$59.00 *

Tecline Soft Back Pad

Product no.: PZT01140

$59.00 *

Tecline Soft Shoulder Pad Set

Product no.: PZT01060

$65.00 *

XDeep Deluxe 3D Mesh Shoulder Pads Only

Product no.: PZHA-020-0

$89.00 *

Tecline Complete Inflator System

Product no.: PZT11110

$75.00 *

XDeep 3D Mesh Pads - Full Set

Product no.: PZHA-018-0

$139.00 *
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Tecline Dumpable Weight Pockets

Product no.: T01047-01-T01047-02

$159.00 *

Tecline QR Weight Pockets

Product no.: PZT010451-1-T01045-2

$179.00 / pair(s) *

XDeep Stealth Canister Light Battery Holder

Product no.: PZHA-026-0

$25.00 *

XDeep Tank Band (SS Buckle)

Product no.: AC-005-0

$49.00 *
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