Surface Marker Buoys (SMBs), including both closed and open ended SMBs with various lift capacities. These are all quality SMBs, well made and built to last.

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SMB, General Purpose, Orange

Product no.: PZF90012-OR

$49.00 *
Was $59.00

XDeep SMB, Closed, Orange, 90cm

Product no.: SB-003-0

$85.00 *

Tecline Surface Marker Buoy, Closed, 117cm Pink

Product no.: PZ85298-2

$99.00 *

Tecline SMB, Large, Semi Closed, Orange, 122cm

Product no.: PZT03020

$119.00 *

Tecline SMB, Large, Semi Closed, Orange, 183cm

Product no.: PZT03010

$139.00 *

Metal Inflator Valve for SMB

Product no.: PZ85240

$27.50 *

XDeep Valve for DSMB

Product no.: SP-008-0

$25.00 *

SMB Inflator Valve, Metal Collar

Product no.: PZAT-08

$15.00 *
Was $12.95

SMB Inflator Valve, Plastic

Product no.: PZAT-07

$10.00 *
Was $9.95

Inflator Tube for SMB

Product no.: PZPT-01-88023-1

$3.00 *
Was $3.95
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