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Jon Line

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Jon Line with Pouch

by Tecline

A jon line is an important accessory in a current when you want to clip onto the anchor line with several divers all at the same stop depth. Also handy for attaching your BC to the side of a small boat while you don and doff your gear, to keep in contact with your buddy in very low visibility conditions, or as a short SMB line. These are just four uses for this very handy accessory!

The Tecline jon line includes its own pouch with wide Velcro lined pocket flap to close. The 220cm (7ft) tape line passes through the pouch, so that you don't need to handle a loose line separate to its pouch. The pocket end of the jon line has a large bolt snap for connecting to a D-ring or thread the pocket onto 50mm webbing. A stainless steel 14cm spring hook is fixed on the other end.

Place the hook around the anchor / mooring line and pass the tape through the turn-back on the hook in order to clamp the jon line in position.

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