Cutting Tools & Knives

Cutting Tools & Knives

Cutting Tools & Knives

Select from a range of diving knives and other cutting tools.  No need to look through endless pages of knives, we have quality titanium and stainless steel knives at affordable prices.  There is also a range of other cutting tools, including the very popular Eezycut Trilobite as well as other line cutters and scissors.

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Knife, Titanium - Clip Sheath

Product no.: PZKN169P

$55.00 *
Was $69.00

Knife, Titanium - Webbing Sheath

Product no.: KN169

$55.00 *
Was $65.00

Divers Line Cutter

Product no.: LC-01B-BK

$19.95 *

Leg Straps for Knife - Clip Type

Product no.: PZKS-3

$15.00 / pair(s) *

Leg Straps for Knife - Buckle Type

Product no.: PZ86054

$15.00 / pair(s) *

Diver's Tool Hose Mount Clamp

Product no.: KH-01

$3.50 *
Was $4.00

EEZYCUT Trilobite Cutter - Spare Blades

Product no.: EezyCutBlade

$8.00 *
Was $9.95
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