Intermediate Pressure Gauge

Intermediate Pressure Gauge

Product no.: ITP-01
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Intermediate Pressure Gauge


Large dial Intermediate Pressure Gauge (IP Gauge) for testing the pressure regulation and output of the first stage scuba regulator.

Use when diagnosing, servicing and adjusting first stage regulators.  Quickly check for first stage pressure creep.  Large 50mm (2") dial allows for easy and accurate reading.

Attach a BCD LP inflator hose to the first stage regulator and then the Intermediate Pressure attaches via a quick release (QR) connector onto the hose.

This gauge comes with a bleed valve for easy release of air pressure once testing is complete.  Also comes with an over pressure relief valve (OPRV).

Heavy duty rubber boot protects gauge and also comes with a hole for hanging on a tool board.

Dimensions:  Gauge face 50mm (2"), overall length 145mm (approx 6"), width (including boot) 65mm (2.5").

Measures in both kg/cm2 and PSI

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